Levels of Play, Open Leagues, and Gender Specific Leagues


When registering your team, there will be several options for level of play, open leagues, and gender specific leagues. 

Level of Play

  • Competitive Leagues are designed for teams who want to play a fast-paced game with a high degree of skill. While still encompassing the intramural spirit, teams in the competitive level consist of experienced players looking to continue to play at a high-performance level.
  • Recreational Leagues are designed for teams of enthusiastic players with no gender requirements. Within the recreational league the level of skill may vary, but participants will be able to enjoy playing in a fun, social atmosphere.  

Open & Gender Specific Leagues

  • Open Leagues make up most of our leagues are designed to be inclusive to everyone. There are no gender requirements for teams, nor is anyone required to self-identity as a specific gender to play. 
  • Gender Specific Leagues are offered in some sports. All participants is this league are required to self-identify as a specific gender and may play for the gender of which they identify. If gender specific leagues are offered for a specific sport, both men’s and women’s leagues will be offered during registration. If less than four teams register for a gender specific league, those teams will be folded into the open leagues for that sport. If four or more teams register for a gender specific league, then that league will continue play.