Spring Sports

The spring season has the greatest number of sport offerings with soccer, softball, ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. All sports are played on the weekends.  Teams must provide their own equipment, uniforms and transportation. 


Grad-Pro soccer game.

The most popular of the spring sport offerings, the soccer program includes both competitive and co-recreational leagues to meet thneeds of all players’ skills and abilities. Games are played mostly Sundays starting in the early afternoon, but teams continuing on to the playoffs must be prepared to play on a Saturday. Occasionally, games are played on Saturdays. Teams can choose to participate in either the competitive or co-recreational league. 

Soccer Rules

Soccer Registration 


As the only spring indoor sport, the volleyball matches are played both on Saturday and Sunday starting in the morning at the Payne Whitney Gym in the Lanman Center. A supervisor will be on-site to collect scores and assist with court set up. Participants can choose to play in either the competitive or co-recreational league. The volleyball program is the only program that runs in the fall, winter and spring seasons. When registering captains can select game day preferences. Please note, consideration for day preferences will be made, but are not guaranteed. 

Volleyball Rules
Volleyball Registration 


The softball league is a great social atmosphere for participants looking to compete while meeting new people. This co-recreational league is offered in the fall, spring and summer. During the spring, participants should plan on playing mostly on Sunday afternoons with the potential for the occasional Saturday game. Also, teams continuing on to the playoffs must be prepared to play on a Saturday. 

Softball Rules
Softball Registration 

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, exciting sport that allows players to be social while competing. This sport is only offered in the spring and has started to build a loyal following of teams. Games are played on the weekends, mostly on Sundays, though there is the occasional Saturday game. Games will begin in the afternoon. Also, teams continuing on to the playoffs must be prepared to play on a Saturday.