Free Agency

Free agency is the best way to sign up for a sport if individuals aren’t able to form an entire team. Though not guaranteed to be placed on a team, signing up as a free agent helps potential participants locate a team in need of additional players. Please read the sport specific rules prior to joining a team to make sure you understand all rules and eligibility guidelines

Please resubmit free agency information every academic year. 

Free Agency Process:

1. Complete and submit the free agency form.

2. Once team registration is complete captains will be provided with a list of free agents. 

3. Captains will most likely contact you within the first two weeks of competition. If multiple captains want you on their team, you may only choose one team per sport. 

If you are interested in playing multiple sports in one season, please note that different sport schedules may overlap. 

4. Free agents are also welcome to contact captains. Once registration is closed and the schedule has been posted, you can find the list of captains HERE.