The success of the IM program is largely dependent on the quality of its sports officials and supervisors. Well officiated contests and events enhance the quality of the program and the satisfaction of the participants. The IM program is continuously looking for individuals who have a passion for sports and a willingness to take on a new type of leadership . IM officiating is a great way to stay connected with athletics and current trends in sports, along with earning a paycheck.

Students or professionals interested in paid positions should submit an application to the Grad-Pro Intramural Coordinator via email at elliott.taylor@yale.edu. Applicants should cite their sports experience, year in college, and position/sport(s)/season(s) desired. He or she must also provide their full name , Net ID and cell phone #. If the applicant seems to be a good fit for the program, they are then hired into Student Employment, assigned a schedule through their coordinator, and paid weekly after completing and submitting a timesheet through Student Employment each week.

*NOTE: Within the first few weeks of the season, all student supervisors and referees are required to complete a one-hour training class each year. Contact IM coordinator for signup.