Only fully vaccinated current Yale Graduate Students, Faculty & Staff are eligible to participate in Grad/Pro Intramurals. 

Only players listed on the roster are eligible to play in any intramural game. Any updates to the roster must be submitted to the coordinator on the Friday prior to any weekend game and 24 hours prior to any weekday game. Final updates to the roster must be submitted before the last regular season game. Additional participants can be added to the roster only if they meet the eligibility requirements. Eligibility of the players is the responsibility of the team captain.

Participating on Multiple Teams: Participants may play on more than one team, with a maximum of two teams. 

Playoff Eligibility: To be eligible for playoffs, each participant who is listed on the roster must play in at least one regular season game. 

Flash Tournament Eligibility:  The roster must be finalized prior to the start of the tournament. No additions may be made once the tournament has started.